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Jerantut District Council as a Local Authority

The Pahang Darul Makmur's State Government has agreed to adopt the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) on 01 September 1979. That date marked the beginning of the reorganisation of Local Authorities in the state of Pahang in which they were upgraded to District/Municipal Councils. Jerantut District Council was upgraded from Town Board to District Council and reorganised on 01 March 1982.

With the reorganisation, the role of Jerantut District Council became more important especially with the increase in population and economic development. The community no longer looked at Jerantut District Council as a place to get "Obligatory Service" but a place to get "Discretionary Services" as well as the agent of development for the area.


Jerantut District Council's Area

Jerantut District Council was established on 02 October 1982. It covered an area of 12,109.00 hectares. From the total, 3,020.00 hectares was gazetted under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) section 127, section 128 and section 163 as Operations Area, while the remaining 9,021.00 hectares was gazetted as Control Area. Areas included were the town of Jerantut, Batu Balai, Damak, Jerantut Ferry and Kuala Tembeling.

Jerantut District Council imposes tax and provides municipal services in the operations area. The remaining area is not provided with municipal service but is controlled in terms of development. The division of Jerantut District Council involves certain areas as in the following chart.

Operational Area Jerantut District Council